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Individualized_somatic_relational_energetic_Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions

Through these individual sessions, we explore your inner landscape so that you may gain clarity and insight into what is between you and the true expression of yourself. These sessions are highly customized and I use my toolkit of Hakomi, Energy Work, Parts Work, Relational Somatic Healing and other modalities to meet you where you are and allow more possibilities and spaciousness to arise.

Entheogenic Preparation and Integration Sessions

Entheogenic Preparation and Integration Sessions

Preparation for and integration of working with sacred medicines is paramount for safe and effective journeying. I help you to prepare for this work on all levels - emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and social - for these experiences in expanded states of consciousness. And after the experience, I help you integrate your experiences into your daily life by guiding you to understand the deeper meaning and messages you have been shown and how you can bring these new awarenesses and learnings into your daily life.

Working With Sacred Cannabis

Working With
Sacred Cannabis

Cannabis used in a ceremonial context is a powerful plant medicine that can help people open up their energetic bodies and creativity for both healing and conscious creation. Whether you are looking to explore what wants to emerge creatively or want to strengthen your relationship with yourself, I design a container for us to work together and for you to safely

and legally work with this powerful creative ally.

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