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My Approach

I am a certified Hakomi practitioner from the Hakomi Institute of California, and has trained in Relational Somatic Healing, Trauma, Parts Work, Energy Healing, and Guiding in Expanded States. Before being called into healing work, I studied creative arts and graphic design in the University of San Francisco and worked as a designer for over 10 years. I infuse love and understanding of beauty and creativity into my work with clients.

Born in Iran, I immigrated with my parents to the US when I was 19, and was confronted with being separated from dear friends, family, and my homeland. Having to learn to adjust to new surroundings in a country with a very different culture. It launched me on my personal path to finding belonging and meaning in the world, which has not only led me to my own healing journey, but opened up the calling to support others on this path. Some of my clients come to me feeling: lost, overwhelmed, alone, anxious, depressed, fed up, and scared. Many are not able to find their own voice, belonging, community, purpose and meaning. They are asking themselves, is there a different way to “BE”?

Providing guidance and mentorship that I wish I had earlier in life, I do my best to show up in a way that allows my clients to explore what sits between them and the fullest expression of themselves so that healing can occur and clients can feel a renewed sense of aliveness and connection. I help clients discover and shift their limiting beliefs, past trauma and cultural conditioning as well as energetic blockages in the body to allow creativity to flow and to open up to a sense of the interconnectedness of all things. 



Being Real - I empower you to find your own answers and your own path. This work of being human can be messy. You can count on me to bring my whole humanness into our work together.


Holding Complexity - I invite all aspects of the human experience Into our container. From the darker aspects of our being to seriousness and depth of emotions to the lightness and levity of play and fun. All is welcome and encouraged.

Inclusivity - I appreciate diversity of backgrounds as a white passing person of color. I have come to believe that we can learn and grow so much if we practice accepting and getting comfortable with our differences. 


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