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You are not alone, you are not stuck.
We are all committed to certain patterns of behavior that helped us in the past, but are no longer helpful and probably even harmful. When we are in one of our patterns, it is impossible to be present to the truth of this moment, but instead we are living in the past.   


About Me

Hi, my name is Safoura. I am an emigrant, person of color, multidimensional medicine and healing arts practitioner, working with individuals and groups in sacred healing space, allowing freedom of expression, creativity, liberation and empowerment to arise and be experienced. I am passionate about bringing together my own personal experience, years of training in relational somatic and mindfulness based therapeutic practices, healing touch, and cultivating intuition into my practice with clients. I infuse a spirit of play, together with a deep-rooted commitment and capacity to be present with where my clients are and value integrity, inclusivity, trust and authenticity as core relational principles.

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